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Vintage Cab Units

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Here is a unique show that covers diesel cab units from a by-gone era. The footage is pre-Amtrak, and goes back to some footage in the 40's through the 1960's. We see things in the east before moving to the Mid-West, and the western United States. You will see rare early E-unit, F-Units, Alco PA's, and much more. Historic collection of older cab units and many railroads. More Details Here

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Wrecks And Clean-Up Trains

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This video contains some unusual content as we have combined footage collected over many years. This shows mainly the aftermath of wrecks and derailments and in some cases the clean-up with cranes, dozers, and other methods. Most are diesel related but a few steam items are included. This is footage you won't find anywhere else. Something different for sure. More Details Here

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The Legendary Canadian

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This DVD was originally produced by Rail Innovations in Canada. It combines a vintage Canadian Pacific sound film of the first run of the new train, with a modern program called "Working Number 1" which has behind the scenes views of workers and their jobs aboard this famous passenger train. Also another short film by BUDD company showing the first run of the first train set. More Details Here

Total 55 minutes plus previews $24.95

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Vintage Rail Journey

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Vintage Rail Journey is an incredible collection of trips shot in the 1950's and 1960's aboard many long distance trains throughout the United States. Ride cross country from Oakland on the Zephyr to Chicago, then New York Central to New York. More than 33 different railroads are seen in this video which shows some trackside shots as well as train riding. Several other trips were made to places like St. Louis, Washington, the Grand Canyon and much more. More Details Here

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New Haven Railroad in the 1950's

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This extremely fine video is from original 16mm film footage shot by Kent Cochrane, a noted WWII Navy combat photographer, who turned his attention to the New Haven after the war. While there is about 5 minutes of New Haven Electrics the strength of the video is the Maybrook line with 4-unit lash-ups of FA's, the Highland line with RS3's and DL109's including a neat segment of semaphores dropping. When converted to DVD in 2009 a new section with an RDC trip to Cape Cod was edited into the show. More Details Here

77 Minutes $29.95

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Last Streamliners Through The Rockies

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Ride two streamliner trains on the former Rio Grande through the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Ride the California Zephyr in a dome car from Denver, then ride a historic "Last Run" of the "Royal Gorge" through the Royal Gorge Canyon for the last time. Also more trackside action. More Details Here

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New Haven Railroad Mainlines

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This video was the work of photographer, and former New Haven Railroad employee Tom Donahue, and was also made possible through the New Haven Railroad Historical & Technical Association. The film covers mainly the shore line and its mainline with lots of Electric action.
More Details Here

DVD has new improved cover, menu with chapters, and is Factory Pressed.

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DVDS: Diesel | Eastern Steam | Western Steam | Narrow Gauge | Vintage Steam | Variety | Snowplow

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