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The Rotary

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Watch fantastic video coverage of former Denver & Rio Grande Western steam Rotary Snowplow OY in action during a special event on February 29th and March 1, 2020. Multiple camera coverage makes this incredible event even more spectacular as 2 locomotives power the Rotary between Chama, New Mexico, and Cumbres, Colorado at an elevation of 10,015 feet. More Details Here

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Snow Busting
Here is a dramatic and unusual video that should please everyone who enjoys steam, snow plowing, and steam freight trains. Shot over three years this video depicts great action busting through snow on the former Rio Grande, now the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. Besides busting through snow, and flanging, we see a variety of freight train runbys in addition to the snow plow action. More Details Here

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Plow Extras
In February of 1988 we returned to southwestern Ontario, to capture snow plow action on Canadian Pacific and Canadian National branchlines. We spent 10 days in the Stratford area and recorded 8 different plow extras. Also see rare film footage of 1971 plow wrecking. Many lines shown are now gone. More Details Here

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Snow Plow With CN F7s

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In the winter of 1987 we ventured to Canada to capture some incredible railroad action. Stratford, Ontario is our base as we enjoy some plow runs on the branch lines that Canadian National (CN) owned. You'll see several plow runs with vintage F7's, a freight run, plus learn how the plow works. More Details Here

Videotaped in 1987, re-edited, and updated in 2004. Now 65 minutes.

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Rocky Mountain Snowplow

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Rocky Mountain Snowplow features the 1997 operation of the rotary OY with 3 locomotives. It's early May 1997, and Colorado and New Mexico's famous Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad is still closed with huge drifts of snow blocking the tracks for several miles! Clear weather and a boulder on the tracks makes this year particularly memorable.
More Details Here

Available in DVD Format. 74 Minutes plus 16 minutes Bonus Footage.

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Steam Rotary

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This 1991 video depicts snow-clearing operations on the former Rio Grande Narrow Gauge (now Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR) in northern New Mexico and Colorado. The rotary OY is steam operated, but can only power a blade, thus locomotives are required to push it ahead. The southern Rockies are the fabulous scenery for this incredible event as K-36 locomotive 487 and 488 push the rotary higher into the mountains to clear drifts as high as the top of the Rotary. More Details Here

90 minutes   $29.95   Qty:  

DVDS: Diesel | Eastern Steam | Western Steam | Narrow Gauge | Vintage Steam | Variety | Snowplow

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