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481 - The Last Coal Burner

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Enjoy a winter photographers train on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad as we use the last steam engine still burning coal on the railroad. During 2 days we chase, ride, and photograph trackside with engine 481. More Details Here

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Vintage Doubleheaders

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Enjoy 4 (pre-1900) narrow gauge steam locomotives that were built in 1875 (Glenbrook and Eureka & Palisade #4), as well as two Ex D&RGW engines built in 1895 (4-6-0 #168, and 2-8-0 #315/425). These engines were paired-up for several trips over many days of a rare event called the Victorian Iron House Roundup in August of 2021. More Details Here

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Rio Grande Excursions

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Enjoy several days of riding, and some chasing, of excursion operations on the former Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge from Alamosa to Durango, and Silverton. Ride behind engine 484, and chase another excursion with engine 483. Beautiful scenes of a bygone era. More Details Here

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Vintage Narrow Gauge

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What do you do when you have several short segments that don’t make enough for dedicated shows? You combine them of course so that they can be seen. See rare 1947 film footage on the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina with engine 12. Rare footage!!! Then see neat footage of 2-8-0’s in Mexico City’s San Lazaro yard and engine facility where the photographer spent all day. Next is one of the last excursion trains with SP #9 on the Keeler Branch in 1954. We end with a nice variety of D&RGW freight action in the 1960’s. SD DVD Only. More Details Here

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East Broad Top Steam Special

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Enjoy a special photo freight charter in 2000 featuring 2-8-2 #14 in action. The railroad shut down in 2011, so this is footage that in 2021 has been aging in our files for 21 years. You will also see some of the regular passenger train runs, as well as history and yard and building scenes. More Details Here

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Cuba - Stronghold of American Steam

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This video depicts American-built engines still operating in Cuba during the sugar cane rush which is during the winter harvest. This video is strong in great action lineside photography where the engines are working very hard, as we witness highlights from a visit in 1996. You'll enjoy heavily loaded cane trains on both standard and narrow gauge lines. 40 Minutes plus lots of extra previews. More Details Here

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American Steam In The Rockies

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Enjoy a variety of Narrow Gauge 2-8-2's at work on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad during a visit in October 1995. We see several days of a special photo charter by an outfit from the United Kingdom with a variety of consists, plus capture some of the regular passenger trains some of which are doubleheaded. More Details Here

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German Narrow Gauge

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Visit the former East Germany and see narrow gauge steam action on the Harz Mountain system, with the largest narrow gauge tank engines operating in Germany, and on a variety of routes. The Harz line is very picturesque and features street running, stone stations, and hilly territory, with wooded backgrounds and even a tunnel. We will also visit another narrow gauge line on this trip in 1992. More Details Here

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D&S Railfest 2010

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Go back to 2010 in this newly released show depicting several days of steam on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in the Colorado Rockies. These events, which have not happened since 2016 featured guest locomotives as well as special D&S trains with their locomotives. The 2010 event was one of the best Railfests ever operated. More Details Here

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Riding the RGS

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The Rio Grande Southern Railroad(RGS) traversed some spectacular scenery between Durango and Ridgway, Colorado. It ended in 1951, so there is not a lot of coverage of this fabled railroad. This vintage show depicts 2 rides that had the movie films combined into one ride from Durango to Ridgway first in 1949, and then again in 1950 or 1951. More Details Here

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The Rotary

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Watch fantastic video coverage of former Denver & Rio Grande Western steam Rotary Snowplow OY in action during a special event on February 29th and March 1, 2020. Multiple camera coverage makes this incredible event even more spectacular as 2 locomotives power the Rotary between Chama, New Mexico, and Cumbres, Colorado at an elevation of 10,015 feet. More Details Here

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Rio Grande 315

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Turn back the clock to 2010, and witness the first public event for former Denver and Rio Grande 2-8-0 number 315. This locomotive was built in 1895, and after completing a full restoration the engine is seen pulling a photo freight on the scenic Durango and Silverton Railroad in Colorado. More Details Here

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Narrow Gauge Steam in the 90's

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Here is footage of 3 different railroads shot between 1994 and 1997. First we see the Durango and Silverton Railroad in Colorado, including trackside action, as well as a roundhouse and yard tour. Our next stop is California where we see former West Side Lumber Shay #15 in operation on the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad. Then it's off to Chama, New Mexico for the Cumbres and Toltec with special scenes of 484 and 497 in Rio Grande Paint. There is loads of great 3 foot gauge action in this presentation. More Details Here

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Rio Grande's 4th Division

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Enjoy a good variety of film footage converted to dvd that has been accumulated over many years depicting this treasured Denver and Rio Grande Western narrow gauge system. You will see Alamosa to Chama, Chama to Durango, the line to Farmington, and of course the Silverton Branch. The video covers mostly freight operations and some mixed trains between the late 1940's right up to 1968. More Details Here

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Rio Grande Steam Passenger Trains

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Travel to New Mexico and Colorado and see passenger train operations on the Denver and Rio Grande Westerns Narrow Gauge between 1947 and 1966. First we see rare footage of the San Juan that was the daily regular train from Alamosa to Durango. We see both onboard and some trackside views of this train that was discontinued in January of 1951. Then we see some excursion trains operated over the system ranging from 1956 through 1966, the final year of excursions on the railroad over Cumbres Pass. 83 Minutes plus previews. 4:3 format SD $29.95 More Details Here

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Rio Grande Vintage Steam

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Here is a fine collection of films shot by the late James Holmes. This covers freight and passenger trains on the 4th Division of the Denver and Rio Grande Western between 1954 and the early 1970's. We ride some of the excursions from Alamosa to Durango and Silverton, and see some freight action along the way. Also included is a lot of human interest with engine servicing and much more. More Details Here

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Snow Busting
Here is a dramatic and unusual video that should please everyone who enjoys steam, snow plowing, and steam freight trains. Shot over three years this video depicts great action busting through snow on the former Rio Grande, now the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. Besides busting through snow, and flanging, we see a variety of freight train runbys in addition to the snow plow action. More Details Here

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Rio Grande's Third Division

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The Denver & Rio Grande Western operated Narrow Gauge and Standard Gauge out of Salida in several directions. This video concentrates on the Narrow Gauge steam operations including west to Gunnison over Marshall Pass, and the steep grades of the Monarch Branch which features the railroad's only switchback, and 4.5% grades. Multiple engine trains are seen with mountain railroading at its finest. This is footage from the 1940's through the mid-1950's.

54 Minutes with music and narration.More Details Here

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Steam to Silverton

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Take a train ride on one of America's foremost routes, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in the Rocky Mountains. This steam powered railroad runs 45 miles along the Animas River, along the "high Line" cliffs, and through the river canyon to Silverton, Colorado. Also see combo with "Trackside on the D&S". More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $25.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $30.00

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Trackside on the D&S

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A great companion video to Steam to Silverton is this video where we spent time capturing some steam train scenes along the Durango and Silverton Railroad. There were two trains a day, and we see some of the highlights trackside, plus a short on-train eastbound segment in the afternoon. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $25.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $30.00

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D&S Combo

Get "Steam to Silverton" & "Trackside on the D&S" for $39.95 SD / $49.95 Blu-Ray

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463 On The C&TS

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K-27 2-8-2 number 463 is the oldest regularly operated steam engine on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. In September 2014 we spent several days capturing this engine on 2 different freight trains(For Engineer & Fireman School Freights), plus we get to see it doubleheading with K-36 number 487 on the first fall doubleheader of the year. Its a great show of 463 plus the doubleheader action. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $25.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $30.00

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489 Cab Ride

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Join us for a rare treat as we ride the cab of K-36 number 489 from Antonito, Colorado to Sublette, NM some 26 miles. You will be treated to views out the front from the fireman's seat as well as the engine crew running the engine and shoveling coal into the firebox. The sound and views are unusual, so don't miss out on a special video. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $30.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $35.00

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Riding the C&TS

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Watch highlights from the 64 mile ride westbound from Antonito to Chama in September 2014. We begin with some scenes in the cab of 489, then transition into the train the rest of the way. We also see a few trackside views intermingled with the onboard footage. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $30.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $35.00

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Passenger Trains On The C&TS

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We spent several days during September trackside to see the Cumbres and Toltec Passenger trains. We begin in the east at Antonito, and progress westward seeing views at Antonito, Big Horn, Sublette, Osier, Los Pinos, Tanglefoot Curve and Cumbres. Then we head west from Chama for trains up the 4% grade to Cumbres. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $30.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $35.00

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Special Trains On The C&TS

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The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad sponsors various special trains during the operating season. The engineer and fireman school trains are a good example of these types of trains. We see 2 engineer School freight trains, and a late-in-the-day Sunset Train carrying passengers from Chama to Cumbres. For more info go here. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $25.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $30.00

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87 mins   $30.00   Qty:   


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This Special Offer gets you 3 dvd's for the price of 2. In this three pack you get 463 On The C&TS, Passenger Trains On The C&TS, plus Special Trains On The C&TS. These discs are stacked in one wider than usual DVD case. For more info see descriptions for each program above. 287 minutes

SD DVD $50.00
Blu-Ray $65.00

287 mins   $50.00   Qty:   

287 mins   $65.00   Qty:   

Cumbres & Toltec Collection

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This special offer gets you the entire 5 dvd set for bigger savings. You get Riding the C&TS, 489 Cab Ride, 463 On The C&TS, Passenger Trains On The C&TS, plus Special Trains on the C&TS. Thats the entire set of discs in one special stackable case. Over 7 hours of action content. All for only.

SD DVD $75.00
Blu-Ray $90.00

7 Hours   $75.00   Qty:   

7 Hours   $90.00   Qty:   

Rio Grande Southern Memories

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Here is rare footage of Rio Grande Southern Operations on this storied railroad in the Colorado Rockies. There are films by several photographers, and its mostly color. We see steam operations including some freights, excursion runs, and several of the Galloping Geese in operation between 1947 and the end of operations on the RGS in 1951. More Details Here

49 Minutes $29.95

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Rocky Mountain Snowplow

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Rocky Mountain Snowplow features the 1997 operation of the rotary OY with 3 locomotives. It's early May 1997, and Colorado and New Mexico's famous Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad is still closed with huge drifts of snow blocking the tracks for several miles! Clear weather and a boulder on the tracks makes this year particularly memorable.
More Details Here

Available in DVD Format. 74 Minutes plus 16 minutes Bonus Footage.

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First Train To Toltec

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This video takes you behind the scenes as the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad opens a blockaded railroad, and then we charter a special freight train just for YOU! Our presentation takes up where the Rotary train left off. We were invited along on a special work train dispatched to clear a boulder that sits squarely on the tracks. A crew has blasted the rock with dynamite then the work train with its loader is used to clear the rubble off the tracks so repairs can be made. This is very unusual, and in remote Colorado high country.
More Details Here

DVD has some added bonus footage at the end.

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Special Package: Order both First Train to Toltec and Rocky Mountain Snowplow at the same time and save nearly $14.95 (regular price $59.90). Purchase both tapes together for $39.95.
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Rio Grande Steam in the 1960s

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Travel back in time with us to explore the Denver and Rio Grande Western (Rio Grande) narrow gauge operations between Alamosa, Chama, Durango and Silverton. These expertly shot 16mm films were accumulated by Clarence, Perry, and Jim Becker between 1957 and 1968, with visits being made in 1957, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1968.
More Details Here

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Steam Rotary

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This 1991 video depicts snow-clearing operations on the former Rio Grande Narrow Gauge (now Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR) in northern New Mexico and Colorado. The rotary OY is steam operated, but can only power a blade, thus locomotives are required to push it ahead. The southern Rockies are the fabulous scenery for this incredible event as K-36 locomotive 487 and 488 push the rotary higher into the mountains to clear drifts as high as the top of the Rotary. More Details Here

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A Passenger Train In The Rockies

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Take a unique journey on the rails of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad in the Rocky Mountains, as we view a steam passenger train from in front of the train. Through special arrangements with the railroad we chartered a passenger train, and an escort train to use as a camera platform and videotaped the entire trip from Chama, New Mexico to Cumbres, Colorado. More Details Here

Available in DVD Format

90 minutes   $24.95   Qty:  

A Freight Train In The Rockies

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What's better than a passenger train trip chasing you? Well how about a second trip up the mountain, but this time engine #484 (a 2-8-2) pulls a freight train of 10 cars and caboose. This is maximum tonnage for this locomotive on this piece of railroad, and 484 puts on quite a show. More Details Here

Available in DVD Formats. Select from pull-down menu.

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Special: Purchase both Chased By A Steam Trains DVDs (Vol 1 & Vol 2) for $44.95
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Rio Grande Steam Freights

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Imagine if you could turn the railroad clocks back to say 1950 and relive the days of Rio Grande narrow gauge freight trains storming over Cumbres Pass. Well in the fall of 1992, photographer John Craft, organized a series of 5 trips over a one-week period that was the first time such trips were operated since the last Rio Grande freights of 1968. Trains with pusher engines, mid-train helpers, and 3-engine trains make this a special video!
More Details Here

NEW - Now available in DVD. Select from "Format" pull down menu below.

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Riding the Narrow Gauge

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Take a unique trip over the Denver & Rio Grande Western from Alamosa, Colorado to Durango and Silverton, via Chama, New Mexico in the mid-1950's. Enjoy the 8mm movies of Warren W. Scholl from a 1954 trip, and another trip in 1956 with the entire family. More Details Here

Approx 55 minutes $29.95 DVD

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