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BNSF Variety

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Here’s a contemporary diesel video that takes you to a lot of western locations that are both scenic and great action. This footage was all shot in HD between 2007 and 2020 so there is a variety of diesel power as well. 83 Minutes plus previews. More Details Here

83 minutes   $25.00   Qty:   
83 minutes   $30.00   Qty:   

Rails to the Border

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Here is a unique video with mostly switching type operations. Travel to Prince Rupert, on the west coast of Canada, and see a rebuilt GP9 switch the yard. Then we see the “Aquatrain” CN Barge arrive and the cars unloaded, and 7001 loads the barge. Later we see some CPR action in southern British Columbia with a freight to the U.S. Border and a bit more mainline action. More Details Here

71 minutes   $29.95   Qty:   

Return to Deshler

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Deshler, Ohio is a CSX hotspot with a double-track main west to Chicago, and a diamond with the north-south line between Toledo and Cincinnati. There are lots of interesting trains, motive power, and different locations to see the action. This show is not narrated, but on-screen graphics tell you the direction the train is traveling plus the time of day. More Details Here

90 Minutes   $25.00   Qty:   
90 Minutes   $30.00   Qty:   

UP In The 90's

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Here is an interesting throwback to the 1990's with scenes from 2 or 3 trips in Union Pacific territory. Visit Wyoming, and a hotspot in Nebraska to see a variety of freight trains in action. Also a cameo appearance with a couple of passenger trains that might be a surprise. We also chase the 6936 the last of a bread on a freight between Cheyenne and North Platte along the UP mainline. More Details Here

71 Minutes   $29.95   Qty:   

CSX In The 90's

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We have dipped back into the archives to put together a variety of locations and trains shot over several years. The footage covers several states including Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Tennessee, including trackage from the former Louisville & Nashville, Chesapeake & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio, and the Clinchfield. A few surprised pop up throughout the show. More Details Here

4:3 format standard Definition DVD. Color with live audio & narration. 78 Minutes $29.95

78 Minutes   $29.95   Qty:   

F-Units Winter in Canada

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Enjoy the last big winter in Eastern Canada for a variety of F-Units on VIA Rail trains from Toronto and Montreal. Also see Montreal Commuter trains on former CPR east of Montreal. In addition we travel west to North Bay to see a bit of Ontario Northland's "Northlander", and to Sudbury to see the two sections of the "Canadian" split for Montreal and Toronto. More Details Here

75 minutes   $29.95   Qty:   

Arkansas Alcos

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We venture to Northern Arkansas to visit the operations of the Arkansas and Missouri railroad with its all-Alco fleet of motive power. This video was made in 1988, and has been out of circulation for many years. We are now offering this re-edited program on DVD for the first time. With a few added and extended scenes it is longer than the original program. Watch T-6, RS-32, and C-420's in operation as well as a rare look at their RS-1. More Details Here

68 Minutes $19.95

68 minutes   $19.95   Qty:   

Cincy Diesels

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Cincy Diesels is a new video produced in 2013, that covers scenes in and around Cincinnati during the late 1980's and early 1990's. This was a time before wide cab diesels were even made thus a variety of vintage power is seen with a generous amount of railroad names as well. Enjoy both sides of the river in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in Northern Kentucky as we take you back in time for live audio video action. More Details Here

88 minutes plus previews only $29.95

88 minutes   $29.95   Qty:   

Marion Rails

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Marion Rails is an action packed look at one of the best hot-spots in Ohio. It features double diamonds where two CSX lines and 1 Norfolk Southern line passes. There is also a quaint restored depot and tower that we visit during several visits over a 4-year span. More Details Here

Widescreen Standard Definition 75 minutes plus a bonus section $29.95

75 minutes   $29.95   Qty:   

Canadian Pacific's Rogers Pass

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This DVD was formed by combining two programs into one dvd. Rail Innovations was the original producer and Greg Scholl Video Productions acquired the titles in 2011. The first show is "The Last Pushers" about the final year or so of the last CP pusher operation which was on Rogers Pass. The second show is "CP Rail Conquers Rogers Pass" which shows some history of the old route and the "New Rogers Pass" after it was rebuilt with the new tunnel and so forth.More Details Here

Two Programs on one dvd Total 83 minutes $24.95

83 minutes   $24.95   Qty:   

Six Motor Alcos

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This is another show that Greg Scholl Video Productions acquired from Rail Innovations in 2011. This like all the diesel shows, has live audio and video shot by the producer with professional gear and editing studios. This show combines two programs into one dvd, including "CP Rail's Big Alco's" and "Alcos in the Highlands". Its another DVD with good value. More Details Here

Two programs on one dvd total 90 minutes $24.95

90 minutes   $24.95   Qty:   

Prairie Rails

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Prairie Rails is a well done program by Rail Innovations which was acquired by Greg Scholl Video Productions in 2011. The show covers CN and CP mainlines before venturing out to some of the branch lines that use smaller and lighter power such as the unique GMD1 locomotives on light rail. The program was originally released in 1997. More Details Here

57 Minutes $24.95

57 minutes   $24.95   Qty:   

Superior Railroading

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This show is about primarily Canadian Pacific along the north shore of Lake Superior. For the most part this is remote country, and seldom seen in pictures of any kind. Rail Innovations produced these two shows in 1992 and 1993 and Greg Scholl Video Productions purchased them in 2011. The two shows are "North of Superior". and "A Superior Winter". More Details Here

Two shows on one dvd total 87 Minutes $24.95

87 minutes   $24.95   Qty:   

A Day In Portage la Prairie

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Portage la Prairie is located about 50 miles west of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is interesting because the CN and CP mainlines cross here and then are within a block of each other through part of the town. We spent over 15 hours here in one day, plus we got a few shots the night before. But the show doesn't end there. More Details Here

68 Minutes $24.95   Qty:  

Deshler-Mainline Crossroads

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Deshler-Mainline Crossroads is a 2-dvd set in one case with 3 hours of coverage shot over a 4-year span from 2006-2009 covering parts of more than 11 different days. Loads of CSX trains, plus other railroads and lease units are seen throughout the show. Enjoy trains at the diamond, connections, and outside of town as well witness a great variety of motive power and trains. More Details Here

3 hours on 2 dvd's in one case. Just $29.95

3 Hours   $29.95   Qty:  

Norfolk Southern's Peavine

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Norfolk Southern's CIncinnati to Portsmouth line is former Norfolk and Western trackage that winds and climbs through the hills of southern Ohio. This video was shot between 1995-1999 and released on DVD in 2009. Several steep grades and a variety of diesel power and trains highlight this wonderful video. More Details Here

90 Minutes $29.95

90 minutes   $29.95   Qty:  

Norfolk Southern's Peavine 2

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Norfolk Southern's Peavine 2 is a follow-up video to the first one. In this video we include new footage from 1999-2001, and a segment of extra shots that would not fit in the first one from 1992-1999. This video is natural sounds only, without narration, but has good scene titles that keep you informed. If you have the first one you don't really need the narration. When converted to DVD in 2009 we added a segment showing the last L51 local that originated in Portsmouth in 2003. Shortly afterwards the line was cut, and no trains can operate on the east end. More Details Here

82 minutes $29.95

82 minutes   $29.95   Qty:  

Norfolk Southern's Peavine Combo
SPECIAL Order Norfolk Southern's Peavine Volume 1 and Volume 2 Together and save $9.95 just $49.95

$49.95   Qty:  

A Day on Soldier Summit

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See 1991 action on the former Rio Grande Mainline through the rugged mountains of Utah. Rio Grande power dominates, but we also see the first SP script-lettered unit as this was after the SP take-over. This program was originally released in 1991, and was 30 minutes. In 2008 we put this on DVD, and added footage of a UTAH RAILWAY coal train with 8 units we shot in 1995. More Details Here

Approximately 51 minutes plus previews $24.95

51 minutes   $24.95   Qty:  


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The final four F-units on the CSX railroad are depicted in this DVD covering a variety of locations. Former Clinchfield Railroad FP7 #118 and F7 #116 and B-Units 117 and 119 are seen in historic film segments during the 1960s and in more modern service (1987-1988) on CSX. You will enjoy great action on mainline Roadrailer freight service in 1988, and see 118-119 on a track inspection train in 1987. This program has 30 extra minutes added of 118 in service that we included when converting to DVD in 2008. More Details Here

90 minutes   $29.95   Qty:  

Ohio Rail Diamonds

DVD Format
This recent program was shot in 2006, and the concept was to see how much interesting footage we could shoot in one day, but at different locations where there are diamonds. We begin in Fostoria, Ohio, the move to Attica Junction, and return to the Depot at Fostoria where there is a different Diamond. After Fostoria we move west to Deshler, then south a few miles to Leipsic Junction. But, there is more footage than just this one day of shooting. More Details Here

82 minutes   $19.95   Qty:  

Last Streamliners Through The Rockies

DVD Format
Ride two streamliner trains on the former Rio Grande through the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Ride the California Zephyr in a dome car from Denver, then ride a historic "Last Run" of the "Royal Gorge" through the Royal Gorge Canyon for the last time. Also more trackside action. More Details Here

60 minutes   $29.95   Qty:  

Santa Fe Pictorial
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  Enjoy great action on the Santa Fe Railway with a variety of trains and locations. Similar to our Southern Pacific Pictorial this video was shot over several years, and includes action on Cajon Pass, and Tehachapi loop, plus some additional shots along the transcontinental mainline in Arizona and New Mexico. More Details Here

DVD includes an additional 20 minutes of footage that was added when the DVD was made. This new footage was shot in 1995, along the Santa Fe Mainline mostly in New Mexico and Arizona. We see some neat shots at the remote Canyon Diablo bridge, east of Flagstaff, including a brand new SD75 on a westbound which we see a couple of more times later. There are also scenes near Crozier, east of Seligman, and near Kingman. The Santa Fe may be gone in name, but it lives on in our video. 80 minute DVD

60 min   $29.95   Qty:  Format: 

Southern Pacific Pictorial

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Enjoy great action on the Southern Pacific system with a variety of trains and places. There is heavy action on Cajon Pass and Tehachapi Loop, some scenes on Donner Pass in California, plus a few other places are sampled. Scenes were shot between 1989 and 1994, and there are two visits to Tehachapi where we see old power and new power 5 years later.
More Details Here

The DVD has some additional scenes that were shot in 1995, along the Shasta route, and includes some scenes with Mt. Shasta in the background. There are also a few other scenes in the region including near Klamath Falls, and more. Total DVD 70 minutes $29.95

60 minutes   $29.95   Qty:  

Special: Order both Santa Fe Pictorial, and Southern Pacific Pictorial at the same time and save $9.95.
Both tapes   $49.95   Qty:  Format: 

Montana Combo DVD

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Montana Combo is a great combination of two Montana Related Subjects. First we see Burlington Northern's Marias Pass, a 35 minute program shot in 1990, with a 60 minute program "Montana Rails" which was shot in 2001 on the Montana Rail Link. These two programs go nicely together, and saves the customer $20.00, since essentially the Marias Pass Program is Free!!! See the link below for information on each program.

View the individual product descriptions: BN's Marias Pass   Montana Rails

Total approx 90 minutes on a single DVD.

90 minutes   $29.95   Qty:

All Aboard the Potomac Eagle

DVD Format

Newly converted to DVD, and 30 minutes of footage has been added with live audio at the end of the original 60 minutes. This includes the latest diesels operating, and many special events that occurred since we were there in 1996. This DVD is also sold on the Potomac Eagle Excursion train. DVD is approximately 90 minutes $14.95

90 minutes   $19.95   Qty:  Format: DVD      

Ride along with us as we take you for an unforgettable train trip into the wild mountains of West Virginia on the Potomac Eagle Excursion Train. Vintage 1950s-era diesel locomotives power this scenic train as it follows the South Branch of the Potomac River into the deep gorge known as the Trough. Besides the scenic train ride patrons are also usually treated to the sight of one or more of the rare American Bald Eagles that nest in the Trough region, within sight of the train. More Details Here

Early Diesels

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This video contains a wealth of variety. First generation and some newer diesels are depicted in operation between 1987 and 1989. You'll see F-Units on freight and Passenger trains, Alcos on freight, GE 70-ton, GP7s and GP9s and ALCO FPA4s on Passenger trains.
More Details Here

Available in DVD Format

90 minutes   $34.95   Qty:  

Early Diesels

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Early Diesels 2 is loaded with many different types of diesels and varity of locations, mainly in the western states. Rare Balwins in California, Alcos in Arizona and Oregon, and much more that was shot between 1989 and 1999.
More Details Here

Also see special price for all 3 Early Diesels DVD's.

57 minutes   $29.95   Qty:  

Early Diesels

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Early Diesels 3 contains a great variety of diesel locomotives primarily in the Eastern US. You will see cab units, and GP9's, as well as GP30's and much much more.
More Details Here

Also see special price for all 3 Early Diesels DVD's.

65 minutes   $29.95   Qty:  

Early Diesels
Special Package Deal: All three Early Diesels DVDs (Save nearly $20.00) only $74.95
All 3 DVDs   $74.95   Qty:   

CP's Kicking Horse Pass

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There is no place in Canada more famous than Canadian Pacific's Kicking Horse Pass. This vital link in the transcontinental route was originally a brutal 4.5% grade until the famous Spiral Tunnels lowered the gradient to a more manageable 2%. You'll see a variety of freights between Field eastward to Morant's curve, as we enjoy scenic lineside action.
More Details Here

46 minutes   $24.95   Qty:   

Cab Ride Over Kicking Horse Pass

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Ride over perhaps the most fabled piece of railroad in all of Canada, and through the two famous Spiral Tunnels. Our new SD40-2F wide cab unit, #9020 is the lead diesel on our 3-unit freight eastbound. This video is a nice companion to the CP's Kicking Horse Pass video since you see on-board coverage from Field to Lake Louise. More Details Here

77 minutes   $24.95   Qty:   

CN's Yellowhead Pass

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Canadian National's transcontinental mainline crosses through some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. West of Jasper, Alberta in Jasper National Park is Yellowhead Pass which is the CN crossing of the Rockies. Besides a variety of freight traffic, we'll see the famous "Canadian", and "Skeena" passenger trains on VIA rail. More Details Here

45 minutes   $24.95   Qty:   

Canada's Canyon Route

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This video features portions of the famous Fraser and Thompson River Canyons in British Columbia. The most natural route through this region to access Vancouver and complete the transcontinental routes was through these natural, and dangerous canyons. Both CN and CP use opposite sides of the river so there is a nice variety of action. More Details Here

60 minutes   $24.95   Qty:   

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All 4 Tapes/DVDs   $79.95   Qty:   

Illinois Junctions

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Illinois Junctions is a great way to enjoy several good train watching locations in a rural part of the state. Each location is either a diamond with another railroad, or a location like Sidney where the Norfolk Southern goes over the Union Pacific. Just about every major railroad is viewed in this program with a variety of locations and trains. More Details Here

2 hours $24.95. Also purchase Illinois Junctions Combo (IJ, and IJ2) for only $39.95

$24.95 DVD   Qty:   

Illinois Junctions 2

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This program continues the theme of Illinois Junctions, as we visit several locations to see more than one railroad in the same hotspot. We will see most of the major railroads, and Amtrak, as we seek out locations for interesting railroading action. Also note a combo price for Illinois Junctions and Illinois Junctions 2. More Details Here

2 hours $24.95. Also purchase Illinois Junctions Combo (IJ, and IJ2) for only $39.95

$24.95   Qty:   

Illinois Junctions Combo

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Get Illinois Junctions and Illinois Junctions 2 both for only $39.95. You save $9.95

$39.95   Qty:   

Chicago & North Western: Mainline West

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This video covers a section of railroad which is one of the busiest in the United States, the 500 miles of former Chicago and Northwestern line from Chicago west to Omaha and Fremont. The line handles Chicago commuters as well as transcontinental freight traffic, and we'll see both in this video, which was done in 1993 before Union Pacific had complete control of the C&NW. 2 DVDs in one special case. More Details Here

150 minutes   $49.95   Qty:   

Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision

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Enjoy powerful diesel locomotives battle the rugged southwestern U.S. as Union Pacific heads west over the Caliente Subdivision. This 240 mile section runs between Milford, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada. Its a major portion of Union Pacific's route between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. More Details Here

60 minutes   DVD $29.95   Qty:  

Snow Plow With CN F7s

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In the winter of 1987 we ventured to Canada to capture some incredible railroad action. Stratford, Ontario is our base as we enjoy some plow runs on the branch lines that Canadian National (CN) owned. You'll see several plow runs with vintage F7's, a freight run, plus learn how the plow works. More Details Here

Videotaped in 1987, re-edited, and updated in 2004. Now 65 minutes.

65 minutes   $29.95   Qty:   

Rochelle Double Track Diamonds

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If you want to see train action, then Rochelle, Illinois is certainly one of the best places in North America for action. With between 80 and 100 trains a day for Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe, there is little time to get comfortable. Rochelle even built the very first Railroad Park, just for people to enjoy train watching, and its located overlooking the diamonds where the two lines cross. The video includes a full 12 hours of trains during daylight and shows 50 trains and is 90 Minutes in length. The DVD has a bonus second day, with 100 trains and is 2.5 hours. Two camera coverage of most trains makes for interesting train action. More Details Here

Approx 2.5 hours $24.95

NOTE: This title is available as part of a combo special. Purchase this title and get a second one free. Use this link for the Combo Special.

2.5 Hours   $24.95   Qty:    

Virginia Rails

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Enjoy contemporary action with CSX and Amtrak trains at the hot spot locations of Ashland, and Doswell, Virginia. Located on the busy former Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac north-south mainline, you will see a great variety of railroad action.

Now available in DVD...These are factory pressed DVD's which should play on all machines. There are chapter menus with this program and you will enjoy the many U.S. and Canadian Previews on the DVD. DVD is $19.95 More Details Here

70 minutes   $19.95   Qty:    

Western Rails

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Contemporary action from the Mississippi River to the Coast of California. You will enjoy a great variety of railroads and interesting locations as we travel from east to west in this exciting program.   More Details Here

60 minutes DVD   $19.95   Qty:    

Via F's In The Rockies

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This video is being re-released since it has been re-edited, and updated from its original 1986 release. Featured in this nice program is the last season of former CPR FP7 and CNR FP9's in service as VIA Rail power for the passenger trains of Western Canada. This includes the famous "Canadian" over Kicking Horse Pass.   More Details Here

60 minutes   $19.95   Qty:    

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