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2102 Returns

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Enjoy some of the first excursions for newly restored former Reading Railroad 4-8-4 number 2102. Reading operated "Ramble" excursions in the 60's so this is like a step-back in time. We'll see three different runs of 2102 during the summer from Reading, PA to Jim Thorpe. 94 Minutes $29.95 for SD, and $35.00 for Blu-Ray (See special Combo deal below) More Details Here

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2102 Fall Trips

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This video covers 3 different trips with former Reading Railroad 4-8-4 number 2102 from Reading, PA to Jim Thorpe. This time its in the fall. The three trips covered are October 1st, October 29th, and November 6th which was the final trip for this impressive engine. Enjoy a spectacular day on October 29th, with fall colors and a camera mounted behind the stack. Pretty cool stuff. 90 Minutes $29.95 for SD, and $35.00 for Blu-Ray (See special Combo deal below) More Details Here

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90 minutes   $35.00   Qty:   

425 Holiday Trains

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Reading & Northern's other steam engine is 4-6-2 number 425. We see 6 shorter trips over a 2-day period in December, 2022. 4 of the 6 trips are on the steep grade between Tamaqua and Haucks (train went to Hometown High Bridge). If 2102 is the loudest engine around, then 425 is #2. No diesel behind the tender on these trips so a rare scenario. 89 minutes plus bonus clips and previews. $25.00 SD, and $30.00 Blu-Ray More Details Here

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Special: 2102/425 Combo Deal

Get 2102 Returns, 2102 Fall Trips, and 425 Holiday Trains at once and save $10.00. All 3 videos for $75.00 SD, and $90.00 Blu-Ray

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QJ 6988 In Iowa

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Enjoy great steam action with a former 2-10-2 from Çhina, now operated on the Iowa Interstate Railroad. We see a break-in freight during 2019, and return for passenger train excursions in 2021. This is great action on the IAIS mainline trackage (ex-Rock Island RR). More Details Here

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Southern Pacific 18 In Colorado

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Here is another unique Narrow Gauge video, with Southern Pacific 4-6-0 #18 which resides in California. It ran on the SP Narrow Gauge into the early 1950's, and spends several months in active service on the Durango and Silverton Railroad in Colorado. It was leased for helper service, and we enjoy some special photo trains in 2021. More Details Here

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Warbirds 2013-2016

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This show combines various subjects we shot during these years. You will see everything from the largest bomber of World War II (B-29 Fifi), to some single engine planes. There is something for everyone with twin engine, and 4-engine aircraft to enjoy. More Details Here

97 minutes   $25.00   Qty:   
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F-Units And More

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Here is a cool video with a great variety of F-Units that were still in operation in either regular service (NS), or on tourist operations. This was shot over a 12 year period so there is a lot to like here. The "More" part of the title refers to some other rare diesels that turn up like an RS-1, a BL-2 and other things. More Details Here

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103 minutes   $35.00   Qty:   

Freights To Cumbres

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Enjoy 4 different freight trains on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad in August of 2021. The railroad offers engineer and fireman school trains and these are generally freight trains. We enjoy 3 freights from Chama to Cumbres with 487, and another with 2-8-0 315 (backdated to 425). More Details Here

95 minutes   $25.00   Qty:   
95 minutes   $30.00   Qty:   

RGS 20 & Friends

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Rio Grande Southern 4-6-0 number 20 is newly restored and seen at its home at the Colorado Railroad Museum, as well as on 3 different days of photo charters on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic railroad. This is the first time it has stretched its legs for more than 70 years. Rare engine. More Details Here

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A Day With 487

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Spend a day riding with K-36 2-8-2 #487. First we ride right behind the tender in the platform of the first coach from Chama to Cumbres, then ride in the open car for a few minutes, and conclude with a nice cab ride with the engine crew from Osier to Cumbres. More Details Here

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481 - The Last Coal Burner

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Enjoy a winter photographers train on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad as we use the last steam engine still burning coal on the railroad. During 2 days we chase, ride, and photograph trackside with engine 481. More Details Here

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Vintage Doubleheaders

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Enjoy 4 (pre-1900) narrow gauge steam locomotives that were built in 1875 (Glenbrook and Eureka & Palisade #4), as well as two Ex D&RGW engines built in 1895 (4-6-0 #168, and 2-8-0 #315/425). These engines were paired-up for several trips over many days of a rare event called the Victorian Iron House Roundup in August of 2021. More Details Here

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D&S Railfest 2010

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Go back to 2010 in this newly released show depicting several days of steam on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in the Colorado Rockies. These events, which have not happened since 2016 featured guest locomotives as well as special D&S trains with their locomotives. The 2010 event was one of the best Railfests ever operated. More Details Here

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105 minutes   $30.00   Qty:   

Southern Pacific 1744

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Travel to Alamosa, Colorado and the San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad in September of 2007 for a real treat. Recently acquired Southern Pacific 2-6-0 1744 operates a special charter train weekend from Alamosa on the line over La Veta pass with its grades of 2.5% and more. This was the only year 1744 operated on this line, and the only photo special run during that year. Live audio and minimal narration. 54 minutes plus bonus clips and previews. More Details Here

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The Rotary

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Watch fantastic video coverage of former Denver & Rio Grande Western steam Rotary Snowplow OY in action during a special event on February 29th and March 1, 2020. Multiple camera coverage makes this incredible event even more spectacular as 2 locomotives power the Rotary between Chama, New Mexico, and Cumbres, Colorado at an elevation of 10,015 feet. More Details Here

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1 hour 45 minutes   $35.00 Blu-Ray   Qty:   

Rio Grande 315

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Turn back the clock to 2010, and witness the first public event for former Denver and Rio Grande 2-8-0 number 315. This locomotive was built in 1895, and after completing a full restoration the engine is seen pulling a photo freight on the scenic Durango and Silverton Railroad in Colorado. More Details Here

83 minutes   $25.00 SD   Qty:   
83 minutes   $30.00 Blu-Ray   Qty:   

1225 Winter Steam

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There is nothing like steam in cold weather, and thats what you will get with Pere Marquette 2-8-4 number 1225 in Michigan. This show features two special photo tours, during February of 2008, and in February 2019. The first one is a freight in the snow, and the second one is with a matched set of passenger cars. Live audio and minimal narration. 77 minutes plus bonus clips and previews. 77 minutes, $29.95 SD, $35.00 Blu-Ray. More Details Here

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77 minutes   $35.00   Qty:   

Southern Doubleheaders

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Here is a unique show that doubles your pleasure. We enjoy 2 different days of Southern 630 and Southern 4501 doubleheading excursions to Summerville, bookending a two day photo freight charter. So thats 4 days of doubleheaders. 82 minutes, $29.95 SD, $35.00 Blu-Ray. More Details Here

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82 minutes   $35.00   Qty:   

Mainline Steam Spectacular

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Here is a video that combines steam on the mainline, with great action, and Zero diesel helpers!!! Thats a rarity in 2019, so enjoy this video which includes Southern 630, Southern 4501, and Norfolk and Western 4-8-4 number 611. All shot between 2011 and 2017. 82 minutes, $29.95 SD, $35.00 Blu-Ray. More Details Here

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82 minutes   $35.00   Qty:   

Single Engine Warbirds

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Here is a variety-filled show with a bunch of different World War 2 era aircraft. We watch trainers in the form of a PT-17 Stearman, AT-6's and SNJ trainers, plus carrier based planes like the Hell Diver, and TBM Avenger. We also thrill with the action of 4 different P-51 Mustangs, and a P-40. 84 Minutes $25.00 SD, $30.00 for Blu-Ray. More Details Here

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Big Boy 4014 West

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View Flyer

Enjoy the first runs of the newly rebuilt 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" number 4014 in the spring of 2019. Multiple cameras bring you coverage of the break-in run, and the trip from Cheyenne to Ogden plus much more. More Details Here

84 minutes. Standard Defintion $29.95, Blu-Ray $35.00.

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84 minutes   $35.00   Qty:   

Southern Steam Variety

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Here is a unique video showing 4 different ex-Southern Railway steam engines all in operation in one program. There are 3 2-8-0's with 154, 401, and 630, plus 2-8-2 number 4501. Lots of variety as the title suggests. 93 minutes, $25.00 SD, $30.00 Blu-Ray. More Details Here

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93 minutes   $30.00   Qty:   

4501 To Summerville

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Southern 2-8-2 is one of the most recognizable and historic locomotives in the eastern United States. I was one of the founding engines of the Southern Steam Program in 1966. In 2014 it was restored to operating condition and in the last few years has been the power for the Chattanooga to Summerville day-long excursions, a roundtrip of over 100 miles. 85 minutes, $25.00 SD, $30.00 Blu-Ray. More Details Here

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Return to Deshler

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Deshler, Ohio is a CSX hotspot with a double-track main west to Chicago, and a diamond with the north-south line between Toledo and Cincinnati. There are lots of interesting trains, motive power, and different locations to see the action. This show is not narrated, but on-screen graphics tell you the direction the train is traveling plus the time of day. Blu-Ray DVD - 90 minutes plus previews. More Details Here

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B-25 Gathering

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The B-25 "Mitchell" twin engine bomber was famous for flying off a carrier to bomb Japan in 1942, and in 2017 a 75th anniversary even was held that included a "B-25 Gathering" at Urbana, Ohio with no less than 12 different aircraft. In addition to these, we have included two additional Warbirds(B-25's) to make a total of 14 B-25's in this show. Blu-Ray DVD 90 Minutes plus Previews. More Details Here

90 minutes   $30.00   Qty:   

B-17 Time

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The 4-engine B-17 was known as the "Flying Fortress" and gained fame throughout the different theaters of operation during World War II. In this show we will see 3 different preserved B-17's in operation during the past few years, and see a partial film of the 1943 "Memphis Belle" film made by the Army Air Force for its 25th Mission. We will also take you for a ride in a B-17 that was later destroyed by fire.

90 Minutes + Previews Blu-Ray(HD) $30.00 More Details Here

90 minutes   $30.00   Qty:   

A Rare B-24 Bomber

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Enjoy footage of one of the last operational B-24J bombers flying today. We venture to Valparaiso, Indiana for action with "Witchcraft", the most authentic of the two remaining B-24 type aircraft still in operation. Watch taxi scenes, take-offs, landings, and some nice fly-overs. 70 Minutes plus Bonus segment. $25.00 SD, $30.00 for Blu-Ray. More Details Here

75 minutes   $30.00   Qty:   

N&W 611 Trilogy-Volume One

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Enjoy the 2015 resurrection of the famous Class J 4-8-4 number 611 to operation. The mighty 611 ran until 1959 for Norfolk and Western, later ran from 1982-1994, and is back once again. In this first of three dvds (See the set specials below volume 3) we showcase the first public event for 611 at the North Carolina Transporation Museum in Spencer with a photo special. Next we watch the homecoming trip with some scenes between Spencer and Roanoke along the Southern and N&W trackage. In July 2015 we are back in Roanoke for a long 3-day weekend to watch 611 tackle the steep grades from Roanoke to Lynchburg in the morning and Roanoke to Walton each day. All this was captured in 2015.
75 Minutes More Details Here

75 min   $30.00   Qty:   

N&W 611 Trilogy-Volume Two

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This video concentrates on the May 2016 Roanoke trips similar to 2015, but with different locations and better weather perhaps. Two camera coverage brings you more action on each trip as the Mighty 611 hauls a heavy passenger train each day from Roanoke to Lynchburg in the morning, and from Roanoke to Walton and back in the afternoon on May 7 and 8, 2016. In addition we also bring you the one-way trip to Manassas later that month with some interesting and great sounding runbys. 92 Minutes. More Details Here

92 min   $30.00   Qty:   

N&W 611 Trilogy-Volume Three

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In 611 Trilogy-Volume 3 we see more trips from 2016. We begin with the 2 days of trips from Greensboro, NC to Roanoke, VA. These trips were the second set of trips for 2016 and the first ones that did not have diesel helpers. In fact there are no diesel helpers in any of the 611 Trilogy videos. Next we take you to the last set of excursions for 2016 with trips from Manassas to Front Royal, Virginia. Fast running on the Greensboro trips with cool clear weather and steep grades on the Manassas trips make this a winner. 95 Minutes. More Details Here

95 min   $30.00   Qty:   

N&W 611 Trilogy 3 DVD Set

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611 Trilogy Series Set Special: Get all 3 "611 Trilogy" volumes and save $15.00. $75.00 (Blu-Ray)

$75.00   Qty:   

Snow Busting
Here is a dramatic and unusual video that should please everyone who enjoys steam, snow plowing, and steam freight trains. Shot over three years this video depicts great action busting through snow on the former Rio Grande, now the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. Besides busting through snow, and flanging, we see a variety of freight train runbys in addition to the snow plow action. More Details Here

93 min   $30.00   Qty:   

Steam to Silverton

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Take a train ride on one of America's foremost routes, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in the Rocky Mountains. This steam powered railroad runs 45 miles along the Animas River, along the "high Line" cliffs, and through the river canyon to Silverton, Colorado. Also see combo with "Trackside on the D&S". More Details Here

Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $30.00

90 min   $30.00   Qty:   

Trackside on the D&S

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A great companion video to Steam to Silverton is this video where we spent time capturing some steam train scenes along the Durango and Silverton Railroad. There were two trains a day, and we see some of the highlights trackside, plus a short on-train eastbound segment in the afternoon. More Details Here

Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $30.00

77 min   $30.00   Qty:   

D&S Combo

Get "Steam to Silverton", and "Trackside on the D&S" for $49.95 Blu-Ray.

$49.95   Qty:   

463 On The C&TS

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K-27 2-8-2 number 463 is the oldest regularly operated steam engine on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. In September 2014 we spent several days capturing this engine on 2 different freight trains(For Engineer & Fireman School Freights), plus we get to see it doubleheading with K-36 number 487 on the first fall doubleheader of the year. Its a great show of 463 plus the doubleheader action. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $25.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $30.00

103 min   $30.00   Qty:   

489 Cab Ride

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Join us for a rare treat as we ride the cab of K-36 number 489 from Antonito, Colorado to Sublette, NM some 26 miles. You will be treated to views out the front from the fireman's seat as well as the engine crew running the engine and shoveling coal into the firebox. The sound and views are unusual, so don't miss out on a special video. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $30.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $35.00

94 min   $35.00   Qty:   

Riding the C&TS

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Watch highlights from the 64 mile ride westbound from Antonito to Chama in September 2014. We begin with some scenes in the cab of 489, then transition into the train the rest of the way. We also see a few trackside views intermingled with the onboard footage. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $30.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $35.00

64 min   $30.00   Qty:   

Passenger Trains On The C&TS

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We spent several days during September trackside to see the Cumbres and Toltec Passenger trains. We begin in the east at Antonito, and progress westward seeing views at Antonito, Big Horn, Sublette, Osier, Los Pinos, Tanglefoot Curve and Cumbres. Then we head west from Chama for trains up the 4% grade to Cumbres. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $30.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $35.00

97 min   $30.00   Qty:   

Special Trains On The C&TS

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The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad sponsors various special trains during the operating season. The engineer and fireman school trains are a good example of these types of trains. We see 2 engineer School freight trains, and a late-in-the-day Sunset Train carrying passengers from Chama to Cumbres. For more info go here. More Details Here

Standard Definition DVD $25.00
Blu-Ray (HD DVD) $30.00

87 mins   $30.00   Qty:   


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This Special Offer gets you 3 dvd's for the price of 2. In this three pack you get 463 On The C&TS, Passenger Trains On The C&TS, plus Special Trains On The C&TS. These discs are stacked in one wider than usual DVD case. For more info see descriptions for each program above. 287 minutes

SD DVD $50.00
Blu-Ray $65.00

287 mins   $65.00   Qty:   

Cumbres & Toltec Collection

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This special offer gets you the entire 5 dvd set for bigger savings. You get Riding the C&TS, 489 Cab Ride, 463 On The C&TS, Passenger Trains On The C&TS, plus Special Trains on the C&TS. Thats the entire set of discs in one special stackable case. Over 7 hours of action content. All for only.

SD DVD $75.00
Blu-Ray $90.00

7 Hours   $90.00   Qty:   

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