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We are always interested in old 16mm train footage that you might have for sale. Our primary interest is footage prior to 1960, but we will discuss the possibilities with you on any subject that you might have. Let us know what you have, how long of time it is, what format, and approximately what terms you would like for the films. We have purchased films in the past, and have a good reputation for offering fair compensation for what we have dealt with. These must be original films, and not film copies made by other producers in the 60's or 70's that are copyrighted. Old RR promotional films are accepted depending upon content and copyright situation.


If you have professional grade video tape of something that might be of interest to us, and you wish to sell it give us an idea of what you have, and perhaps consider sending us a copy to look at. Sometimes we will also buy a complete program that is done by someone else if we like the style and we think it will sell.


Sometimes instead of cash purchases we can offer a trade for some of our finished videos. This is a great way to get more GSVP products for your library.


We will offer a finders fee to anyone who leads us to footage that we eventually purchase. This may be in the form of GSVP products.

Remember, generally our products are sold to the rail enthusiasts and in some cases for general audience videos. These are not going to be network TV shows or Feature Motion Pictures. This is REAL train video programming, not fantasy-land!


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P. O. Box 123Email: gsvp@gregschollvideo.com
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