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Lots & Lots of Trains

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See hundreds of different train scenes in this 2 dvd set of trains with fast-paced action, aimed at the little ones, but enjoyable for everyone. A bargain as you get both dvd's in 2 separate cases for only $19.95.  More Details Here

2 dvd set in separate cases Approx 60-90 minutes $19.95

$19.95   Qty:  Format:  DVD

Mountain Wildlife

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Take a journey to the beautiful Canadian Rockies and enjoy wildlife in a natural setting. The program is divided into sections with a different piece of music for each type of animal. You'll enjoy a wide variety of animals including ELK, MOOSE, BIGHORN SHEEP, PORCUPINE, WATERFOWL, EAGLES, BISON, WHITETAIL DEER, MULE DEER, MOUNTAIN GOATS, BLACK BEARS, and even a GRIZZLY BEAR. Also additional footage added!!   More Details Here

80 Minutes 4:3 picture. Color and shot on professional equipment. Standard Definition DVD.


80 minutes   $24.95   Qty:  Format:  DVD

Steam Previews

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Sample a great quantity of different feature programs in this newly constructed(2010)DVD. Inside you will find Western Contemporary, Eastern Contemporary, Vintage Steam from the film era, Narrow Gauge, Foreign, and just about all the steam programs we have available. In addition we have included some of our World War 2 previews. These previews are 30-60 seconds generally, although a few are longer where warranted, and each gives you a good idea of the content and the action you will see in the specific programs. Obviously we cannot show everything in a short time, but this is a great way to sample a show, and to see others that you may not have even considered until you see some clips on your own dvd player and screen. There are more than 65 Steam titles previewed, and the running time of the dvd is 71 Minutes.   More Details Here

Just $19.95

71 minutes   $19.95   Qty:  Format:  DVD

Diesel Previews

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Like our STEAM PREVIEWS this Diesel Preview gives you an idea of most of the diesel related shows that we have available. These are meant to give you a sample of the program so you can judge what the content is for yourself. In addition these preview videos are fun to watch, fast paced, and very inexpensive. They are a good way to see the feature program before you buy the full-length shows. Sample more than 33 titles including WW2 shows.   More Details Here

Running time 35 min. $14.95

35 minutes   $14.95   Qty:  Format:  DVD

Western Canada Combo

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This DVD combines two scenic programs shot in Western Canada during 1996. We have combined "Scenic Trains of Canada" and "Scenic Trains of BC Rail" into one great DVD and you get one video free essentially compared to the VHS price.

While both programs have some BC Rail scenes in them, the shots are all different so there is no overlapping material. For more detailed information on each title visit them at the addresses below.

Scenic Trains of BC Rail
Scenic Trains of Canada

2 Hours   $29.95   Qty:  Format:  DVD


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Here is a cool artful video that is somewhat like a "Best of" video as each shot is an interesting scene where the train is reflected, providing a double image. There are mainline steam and diesels in the United States, plus scenic Western Canada.   More Details Here

60 minutes   $29.95   Qty:  Format:  DVD

DVDS: Diesel | Eastern Steam | Western Steam | Narrow Gauge | Vintage Steam | Variety | Snowplow

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